Left Handed Harley Benton Guitars 2020 – 18 Affordable Guitars & Basses

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Last Updated on December 23, 2020 by Chris

In recent years, Harley Benton have fast become known for making great bang-for-buck guitars; quality acoustic, electric, and bass guitars for an amazing price. Better still, there are loads of left handed Harley Benton guitars too! Not as many as our right handed friends, but there’s a nice variety for us to choose from.

First things first; a disclaimer so I can keep things honest. I do not own any of the guitars in this list, so instead, I have looked for as many Harley Benton reviews as I can and have done many hours of research on loads of websites, including YouTube, various guitar forums, as well as customer and professional reviews.

I’ve gathered as many opinions as I could find and put them together here on this page, so you don’t have to. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you can decide whether you’d like to go ahead and buy a left handed Harley Benton guitar.

So with that out of the way…

What do people think about Harley Benton guitars?

From what I’ve read and heard over the last few years, many users and reviewers are saying that they’re quality instruments and represent excellent value for money and that they’re great beginner and intermediate guitars! They’re also great to use as a basis for a mod/upgrade project.

Although many users rate them highly, in terms of quality and finish they obviously don’t compare to a guitar that costs $3000! For the money though, most people are saying that they are pretty unbeatable from a bang-for-buck perspective.

That’s not to say that these guitars don’t have their faults. Most of the range cost less than $200, so it’s hard to expect top-notch quality from such cheap instruments.

Pros and cons of buying a Harley Benton guitar

Harley Benton guitars are sold exclusively at Thomann; they are German designed and manufactured in China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

After scouring the internet for information and reviews of Harley Benton guitars to help form an idea of what people think of both Thomann and Harley Benton, I have put together a list below of some of the more common pros and cons that various guitar players have highlighted. Obviously, there are far fewer people who have bought left handed Harley Benton guitars, so I have included opinions on their right handed counterparts too.


  • Some of the cheapest guitars available.
  • A good selection on left handed Harley Benton guitars are available.
  • Thomann have a generous 3-year warranty.
  • Thomann also have a decent returns policy. You have a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • You can buy as many as you like, up to 31kg (or 68lbs), and the shipping is free to the UK over £99. Shipping is also free to other parts of Europe (over a certain amount). Check Thomann’s website for details.
  • Shipping to the United States is only US$30, again as many items as you like under 31kg (or 68lbs).
  • Generally speaking, most people report that their guitars are set up well and play nicely out of the box.
  • Most reviews report straight necks and level frets and no sharp fret ends.
  • Guitars are generally reported to have a nice finish, with some being excellent.
  • Some players say Harley Benton guitars are higher in quality than equivalent Squier or Epiphone guitars.
  • Many say they have good quality hardware, such as the Wilkinson bridges.
  • Guitarists generally like the quality of materials, such as wood types and electronics.


  • With Thomann being an online store, you cannot try before you buy, unless you visit their store in Germany.
  • If buying outside of Europe, the customer may have to pay customs duty.
  • While many users say their guitars play very well straight out of the box, a few have found that they are not fully set up properly, and have had to make minor adjustments.
  • Some say that the Thomann returns policy is good but can be quite slow, so if you need a replacement guitar, you may not get it straight away.
  • Some say the pickups are adequate, but nothing special.
  • Some players have reported uneven finishes or even dings and scratches out of the box.
  • Doesn’t necessarily have the prestige of some of the other more expensive brands.
  • Some people find many of their guitars a little on the heavy side. Whether this is a bad thing though is up to you.
  • Some players say that the quality of the tuners can be inconsistent.
  • Quality control on some of the earlier models may not be so good as there have been some poor reviews for those than for the more recent models.
  • Resale value is very low, as they are super cheap guitars in the first place.

What guitar types are available?

Harley Benton’s guitars are inspired by many of the major popular brands, and their electric guitars and basses include models inspired by Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, PRS, Ibanez, and Charvel. They have also produced a number of left handed acoustic guitars too.

I’ll take a look at the most popular left handed Harley Benton guitars available at the moment, and give some pros and cons of buying those guitars.

The prices below are generally correct, although they may change depending on exchange rates. The price in Euros should be correct though.

Please note that some of the videos are reviewing slightly older models, so there may be slight variations in the materials used.

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Left Handed Harley Benton Electric Guitars

Disclaimer: I’m using affiliate links on this page, so if you decide to buy anything through those links, I’ll get a commission, but at no extra cost to you. If you do, then thank you so much!

SC-450PlusLH Vintage Series

This Harley Benton guitar is a Gibson Les Paul style guitar. The Les Paul is massively popular, with famous players including Joe Bonamassa, Ace Frehley and Randy Rhoads.

The SC-450Plus has a mahogany body with a AAA flamed maple arched top.
The body is made from mahogany, with a 22 fret set-in C-profile Sapele neck with Pau Ferro fretboard.

The two Roswell LAF Alnico 5 vintage style humbuckers sound suitably Les Paul-like, and the fact that you can split the coils is a fantastic added bonus for extra tonal variety.

Available in Honey Burst or Lemon Drop (Amber) finish.


  • Great set of features for a very affordable guitar.
  • The finish looks really good.
  • Very comfortable to play.
  • Numerous players said this is better than an Epiphone Les Paul.
  • Great sustain.
  • Split Coils sound really cool.
  • Most players report a well-finished fretboard with no sharp fret edges.
  • Tuners work well, keeping the strings in tune.
  • Most players say it is set up and plays very well out of the box.


  • Some players reported cheap tuners.
  • Some say their guitar arrived with rusty strings.
  • Some said that fret edges are a little sharp.
  • Fans of the Les Paul sound might find that the tapped coils sound too thin.
  • Some find the bridge pickup a little muddy sounding.
  • A few reports of the pickup switch being cheap quality.

Price: £169 / €189 / US$188
BUY NOW (Honey Burst)
BUY NOW (Lemon Drop)

ST-20 LH

The ST-20 is based on the iconic Fender Stratocaster, which legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Yngwie Malmsteen and many more are famous for playing. The Stratocaster is without doubt one of the most famous and iconic guitars out there!

This guitar is one of the cheapest left handed Harley Benton guitars available, if you buy it in black. It is their cheapest full size electric guitar. If you want that classic Strat sound on the cheap, then you may want to consider getting this.

The ST-20 LH has a Basswood body and a bolt-on maple neck, with a Maple or Roseacer fretboard (depending on which color you go for). The neck profile is a modern C and has 22 frets.

It has three Strat-style single coil pickups, chrome hardware and is available in Candy Apple Red, Black or 3-Tone Sunburst.


  • Very cheap! This is HB’s least expensive full-size electric guitar.
  • Seems to be one of the best left handed electric guitars under $100.
  • It’s available in 3 different colors; more than many other left handed guitar types.
  • Many players report a very nice finish and workmanship.
  • Pretty good quality hardware especially for the price.
  • Good quality body and neck.
  • In most cases, guitars arrived well set up with nice fretwork.


  • Nice but not amazing sounding pickups.
  • Fret buzz reported on some older models.

Price: £71 / €79 / US$71
BUY NOW (Candy Apple Red)
BUY NOW (Black)
BUY NOW (Sunburst)

TE-90QM LH Trans Red

Another Telecaster-style guitar; this one having a chambered body. Harley Benton’s TE-90QM looks super-stylish with its flamed maple top. The chambered body is made from mahogany, onto which a 22 fret maple neck with amaranth fretboard is bolted.

The P90S AlNiCo-5 vintage style single coils sound great and the ivory binding around the body and the F-holes is a great looking touch. The hardtail bridge does its job well.


  • Amazing value for money.
  • The high gloss transparent red flamed maple top looks fantastic.
  • Most players report that it plays very well out of the box.
  • The neck’s smooth satin finish feels great to play.
  • Well finished fretboard with no sharp fret edges.
  • Very lightweight, though whether this is a good thing or not is down to personal preference.


  • Slightly neck heavy.
  • If you’re expecting a Telecaster sound, you’ll be disappointed.
  • Some players needed to set up the guitar before playing.
  • Some said that the frets could do with a polish.
  • Some players have reported the use of right handed pots.
  • Some complained that the action was too high. This is down to personal preference, however.

Price: £179 / €198 / US$196

TE-40 LH TBK Deluxe Series

Based on another iconic guitar design, the Fender Telecaster is the guitar of choice for guitarists such as Keith Richards, Bruce Springsteen, Albert Collins, Johnny Greenwood, Andy Summers, Muddy Waters and more.

Here is Harley Benton’s Deluxe series Telecaster, which looks fantastic! It has a super-glossy translucent black finish, through which you can see an attractive looking ash arched top.

The body is made of basswood and bolted onto that is a 22 fret maple neck with a Pau Ferro fretboard. This is topped off with two nice sounding Roswell HAF AlNiCo V humbucking pickups and a Tune-O-Matic string-thru-body bridge. It features some great looking gold-plated deluxe hardware, and the white binding is a nice touch.


  • Pretty cheap for a great looking guitar.
  • Attractive black and gold color scheme.
  • Comfortable neck with a fairly flat 350mm radius fingerboard making it easy to play.
  • Many users say it keeps tune well.
  • Comfortable to play with a belly-cut, which is less common on Telecasters.
  • Frets are generally well finished.


  • Some reports of the fretboard feeling quite dry.
  • Mixed opinions on the pickups.
  • Some users say the tuners aren’t very good.

Price: £135 / €149 / US$134

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SC-400LH SBK Classic Series

HB’s version of the ’60s Gibson Les Paul Standard; another iconic guitar! Famous Gibson Les Paul guitarists include Jimmy Page, Slash, Gary Moore, Zakk Wilde, and many others.

Its arched top body is made up of basswood, rather than the Gibson’s mahogany, and has a set-in maple C-profile neck.

The roseacer fretboard has 22 Frets. It has two classic open humbucking pickups, and features chrome hardware and for us lefties, it’s available in matte black only.

A good recreation of the classic Les Paul sound.


  • Has a matte finish on the neck making it comfortable to play.
  • Some say it has good sounding pickups.
  • Generally good build quality by most accounts.
  • Cheap!


  • Some reports of poor tuning stability
  • Only available in black for left handed players; no gold top

Price: £115 / €129 / US$116

HB-35LH BK Vintage Series

Ever wanted a Gibson ES-335, but didn’t want the $$$$ price tag? Why not try the HB-35?

Otis Rush, Chuck Berry, B.B.King, Dave Grohl, and Noel Gallagher have all played the Gibson original.

This semi-hollow guitar has a maple body with a mahogany sustain block. Its Canadian maple set-neck features 22 frets on an Amaranth fretboard. On the body are two vintage-style humbuckers and chrome hardware. It’s available in black. There is a more expensive model; the HB-35 Plus, that is available in Cherry.


  • Generally well set up out of the box.
  • Attractive binding around the guitar and on the f-holes.
  • No sharp edges on the frets.
  • Generally positive opinions on the sound of the humbucking pickups.
  • Tuners hold tune well.
  • Many report that the finish is flawless.


  • Not the best tuners; some comment on how cheap they feel.
  • Some users report some rough frets needing a polish.
  • Solid hardware.
  • Quite heavy, though not necessarily a bad thing.

Price: £159 / €179 / US$161 (Black)
Price: £198 / €219 / US$197 (Cherry)
BUY NOW (HB-35LH BK Black)
BUY NOW (HB-35 Plus LH Cherry)

SC-550LH Paradise Amber Flame

This guitar, based on a flame top Gibson Les Paul, is made of mahogany and has a AAAA Flamed Maple arched top; it has a set-in mahogany neck with 22 frets and a Jatoba fretboard. The neck profile is a ’60s C. For the pickups, there are two Roswell HAF AlNiCo-5 Zebra humbuckers. It has chrome hardware and is available with a Paradise Amber Flame finish.

A great option for lefties who favor rock or blues!


  • Many like the attractive flamed maple arched top.
  • Thin neck making things easy to play
  • Great sounding pickups
  • Nice vintage looks.


  • Reports of the tuners not being very good.
  • Some have experienced a dry fretboard.
  • Some players have had finish issues, including slightly sharp fret ends.

Price: £229 / €269 / US$249

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TE-52 NA LH Vintage Series

This is Harley Benton’s version of a 1952 Fender Telecaster.

The TE-52 has an American ash body with a bolt-on Canadian maple neck with a roseacer skunk stripe. The fretboard is made from maple and has 21 frets. For pickups, there are two Vintage single coil Roswells and the guitar comes with deluxe chrome hardware.

There is just one available finish; natural.


  • Many report that it feels good to play.
  • Nice sounding pickups.
  • Very easy to play.


  • Inconsistent tuners
  • Heavyweight; though not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Some rough edges.

Price: £119 / €139 / US$129

DC-580LH CH Vintage Series

Want to sound like Tony Iommi? How about Angus Young? Players such as Robby Krieger, Frank Zappa, and Derek Trucks are also known for playing the classic Gibson SG.

It’s recreated here in the form of the Harley Benton DC-580LH, which has a basswood body, a Canadian maple set-neck with a C neck profile and a blackwood fretboard with 22 Frets.

There are two vintage style humbuckers, chrome hardware, and it is available in a Cherry finish.


  • Generally well made and very well finished.
  • Most report that the guitar is set up well and plays well out of the box.
  • Good sounding pickups overall.
  • General opinion is that the hardware is of good quality.
  • No sharp edges on the frets.


  • There are some reports of the inconsistent quality of tuners.
  • Some say that the frets could do with a polish.
  • A little neck heavy, but that is a characteristic of an SG.

Price: £111 / €129 / US$119


This great looking guitar is based on the PRS Custom 24. A fantastic and versatile guitar that costs at least seven times the price of this Harley Benton.

Notable fans of the PRS original include Carlos Santana and Dave Navarro.

HB’s version has a great looking flamed maple arched top over a mahogany body. There’s a C neck profile set-in mahogany neck featuring a Jatoba fretboard with 24 frets.

The bridge is a Wilkinson WVPC tremolo which only goes down.

There are two Roswell HAF AlNiCo-5 Open Coil humbuckers which have a coil tap so you can switch between humbuckers and single coils. The hardware is chrome and it’s available in two different finishes; Ocean Flame and Black Flame.

Some have said that this is the best Harley Benton guitar available.


  • Many players say it has great build quality, with really nice hardware.
  • Set up well, playing nicely out of the box.
  • Split coil pickups for extra versatility.
  • Beautiful Ocean Flame and Black Flame finishes.
  • Good fret work.
  • Easy to reach higher frets.
  • Some claim it is as good as a PRS SE Custom 24!
  • Good tuning stability.
  • Comes fitted with D’Addario EXL-110 strings.


  • Some say it’s a little heavy.
  • Tuners are just adequate quality, however, do keep tune well.
  • Some players have had trouble locking in the tremolo arm.

Price: £199 / €232 / US$214
BUY NOW (Ocean Flame)
BUY NOW (Black Flame)

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Extreme-76LH BK Classic Series

This Harley Benton guitar takes a Gibson Explorer style body and combines it with a Gibson Firebird style headstock, which work well together. The Extreme-76 looks suitably Metal with its angular, pointed body.

The body is made from basswood, with a 22 fret set-in C-profile maple neck with Roseacer fretboard.

The HB Classic ceramic humbuckers sound great, and the Firebird style headstock is a nice looking touch.


  • Amazing value for money.
  • Clear sounding pickups are great for both high gain tones and clean tone.
  • Tuners work well, keeping the strings in tune.
  • Most players say it plays very well out of the box.
  • Well finished fretboard with no sharp fret edges.
  • Lightweight, though whether this is a good thing or not is down to personal preference.


  • Some players reported glue or residue on the neck that needed to be sanded off.
  • Some said that the pickup switch is too flimsy.
  • A few reports of tuners not holding tune well.
  • Some complained that the action was too high. This is down to personal preference, and can be changed relatively easily.

Price: £125 / €138 / US$135

SC-Junior LH Vintage Sunburst

Based on the Gibson Les Paul Junior, a guitar often played by Bob Marley, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Keith Urban, among others.

The HB version has a mahogany body, a C profile glued mahogany neck, and 22 medium jumbo frets on an Amaranth fretboard. It features one Roswell P90D Alnico-5 Dog Ear single coil pickup, and is available in one finish; Vintage Sunburst.


  • It is often described as having great build quality.
  • Many report that this is a lightweight guitar.
  • Many reviewers say it’s a very playable guitar.
  • Keeps tune quite well.
  • Good fretwork and generally well set up


  • Some report that the tuners feel cheap
  • Mixed reviews on the P90 pickups
  • Although generally well set up, there are some users who have had to make adjustments

Price: £188 / €219 / US$202

Left Handed Harley Benton Acoustic Guitars

When looking at left handed Harley Benton guitars, don’t forget that they also have some good acoustic guitars too! Below are the most popular, along with some opinions I have found during my online search.


The Dreadnought is one of the most common acoustic guitar types. This is HB’s Dreadnought acoustic guitar with a cutaway. It has a mahogany C profile neck and body, and a spruce top. The bridge is Roseacer, as is the fretboard, which has 20 frets.

It has a preamp with volume control and 4-band EQ.

Available in just one color; a high-gloss black finish. The right handed version is available in four different finishes.

There’s an even cheaper non-cutaway, non-electro version of this guitar; the D-120LH BK, which is priced at £62 / €69 / US$64.


  • By most accounts, a very cheap, solidly built guitar that plays well out of the box.
  • Many players say it has an excellent loud and clear acoustic sound quality. Pickup also sounds good.
  • Comfortable and light to hold.
  • Nice finish.
  • Generally good quality stable tuners.
  • It comes with two scratchplates; black and tortoise.
  • Built-in tuner.


  • High action is a little uncomfortable for a number of players.
  • Some reports of poorly finished frets and some rough edges.
  • One reviewer reported that intonation was a little off.
  • Only available in black.

Price: £71 / €79 / US$73

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GS-Travel-E LH Mahogany

Need a smaller acoustic guitar? Maybe for traveling or for a child? Then you may want to consider this guitar. It’s Harley Benton’s version of the Taylor GS Mini.

It has a mahogany body with an arched back. It has a V profile nato neck with 20 frets on a blackwood fretboard. It has a blackwood bridge and an integrated Bellcat AP-55 Active Powerjack pickup system.

There is only one available finish; natural matte.


  • Produces quite a big sound for a such a small guitar.
  • Many have praised its good build quality.
  • Many players report that it’s set up well, and plays nicely out of the box.
  • Attractive matte finish.
  • Decent quality tuners.


  • High action can be uncomfortable for some.
  • Lack of preamp may put some off.

Price: £109 / €119 / US$110

Custom Line CLD-1048SCE-LH

Here’s another of HB’s Dreadnought guitars; like the D-120CE-LH BK, it also has a single cutaway. This acoustic guitar has a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides. The mahogany neck features 20 frets on an ovangkol fretboard. Also featured is a Fishman Presys-II preamp with built-in tuner.

This guitar has a larger than usual 48mm nut. You may want to take this into account if you have small hands.


  • Generally excellent build quality and workmanship.
  • Usually very playable out of the box.
  • Users liked the tone that this guitar produces.
  • Many were pleasantly surprised at how good this guitar is.
  • Some users say it’s easily comparable to a much more expensive guitar.
  • Many report that the action was set to a nice height.


  • Wider fingerboard may be uncomfortable for those with smaller hands.
  • A couple of reviewers complained of a bowed neck, needing a truss rod adjustment.
  • A few users said the guitar was not set up well.
  • The built-in tuner is not the best.
  • Some report a few rough fret edges, which could do with a file and polish.
  • Some say the Fishman preamp is just adequate.

Price: £199 / €219 / US$202

Left Handed Harley Benton Bass Guitars

RB-414LH BK Classic Series

Styled like the solid-bodied Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar, this is the semi-hollow RB-414LH BK Classic Series bass.

The body and set-in neck are both made of mahogany and the amaranth fretboard has 22 frets. It has two pickups; an Artec mini humbucker at the neck and a single coil at the bridge. The bass also features chrome hardware.


  • Many players describe the bass as having good quality workmanship.
  • Good looks and flawless finish according to some reviewers.
  • Plays well straight from the box.
  • No sharp fret ends.
  • Good quality hardware.
  • Tuners feel good and keep tune well.


  • Only available in black.
  • Listed as semi-hollow on the Thomann website, though one reviewer says it has a solid body.
  • A few reviewers reported fret buzz and a poor setup.
  • Some players complained that when changing strings, standard strings are not long enough, due to the long tailpiece.
  • One reviewer described the volume and tone controls to have some slight scratching.
  • A few reports that it doesn’t sound like a Rickenbacker, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Price: £179 / 199 / US$179

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JB-75MN LH Vintage Series

This bass is based on the classic Fender Jazz Bass. Available in two different finishes; sunburst and natural, both versions feature an American ash body with a 20 fret maple fretboard and maple neck.

For pickups, we have two Roswell JBA AlNiCo 5 Vintage JB-Style single coils


  • Good tuners, feel good and keep tune well.
  • Great workmanship.
  • Sounds good and plays well.
  • Attractive quilt on the fretboard (Sunburst model).
  • It comes with D’Addario strings.


  • Cheap nut.
  • Some reports of sharp frets.
  • Some say it is a very heavy bass.

Price: £144 / 159 / US$143
BUY NOW (Sunburst)
BUY NOW (Natural)

PB-20BK LH Standard Series

The Fender Precision Bass is another classic! Here is HB’s version, the PB-20. It’s available in only one color. Yep, you guessed it; Black!

This left handed bass has a poplar body with a modern-C profile bolt-on maple neck. The fretboard has 20 frets and is made of amaranth.


  • Very cheap!
  • Decent quality hardware.
  • Tuners perform well and keep tune.
  • No sharp frets, and bass is generally well finished.
  • Plays really well once set up properly.


  • Only available in black.
  • Slight neck dive.
  • Some say that the set up is not great.

Price: £79 / €89 / US$80

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Harley Benton Guitars; Should You Buy One?

The keyword here seems to be “CHEAP“! If you’re on a tight budget, wanting a good platform to upgrade, or just fancy getting a quality guitar for cheap, you should seriously consider getting a Harley Benton. These left handed Harley Benton guitars are super-affordable, and a great place to start if you’re looking to save a few pennies.

They are a fantastic starting point for beginners. So if you’re just starting out and maybe you’re unsure if the guitar is “your thing”, then you haven’t spent a lot of money if you decide not to take it up.

So many players and reviewers have sung the praises of these guitars and by most accounts, Harley Benton guitars are excellent for the price. Most players seem to have had a fantastic experience with them, although it seems that it may be better to avoid some of the earlier models if you are buying second hand.

In quite a number of cases, tuners seem to be of inconsistent quality, but overall the rest of the hardware is either fine or very good.

If I were to buy any of these left handed Harley Benton guitars, one would probably be the TE-40 LH TBK Deluxe Series, purely based on its looks. I love the gold hardware next to the high-gloss translucent black finish. It’s also fairly inexpensive to buy.

I would also consider the GS-Travel-E LH Mahogany if I were in the market for an acoustic as I like the idea of a smaller and more comfortable to play acoustic guitar.

This list features just a limited selection; for the full range of left handed Harley Benton guitars, click here.

Do you have any left handed Harley Benton guitars? Or any right handed ones even! If you do or have any opinions or recommendations for Harley Benton guitars, please comment below.

Left Handed Harley Benton Guitars 2020 – 18 Affordable Guitars & Basses

6 thoughts on “Left Handed Harley Benton Guitars 2020 – 18 Affordable Guitars & Basses

  1. I have been looking for a good and also nice looking left handed guitar that was also affordable, LOL. I think I’m putting to many conditions. But yeah, I’m quite on a budget. But on the other hand I need a guitar because I’m staying home all these days and I want to do something productive with my time. And here on your post, I think I found what I was looking for. The answer is SC-550LH Paradise Amber Flame. Thank you very much!

    1. That is a good looking guitar! The flamed maple top looks really nice and, of course, the price is really attractive too. The great thing about Harley Benton guitars is that they can match those conditions.

      Thanks for reading and commenting Ann; enjoy the guitar!

  2. It is usually difficult to get a left handed  guitar. most times when it is finally seen? the price becomes an hindrance. at harley benton guitar, the quality is guaranteed while the warranty is for 3 warranty. one interesting factor is the fact that there is a 30 day money back guarantee. thank you for this post.

    1. It can be more difficult, yes. Most guitar manufacturers will only offer a few models from their range of guitars to us lefties, just a fraction of what is available for right handed folks, and you are right, they can be more expensive too. While left handed Harley Benton guitars are slightly more expensive than their right handed counterparts, they are still incredibly good value for money.

      Thanks so much for commenting Kirkman!

  3. Hey man, just want to let you know that my brother has a Left handed Harley Benton electric guitar and he loves it. He thought it was going to be cheap and low quality cause of the low price tag but this was not the case. It is actually well made and lasted a pretty long time. He also likes the workmanship which makes him look after it even more. Thanks for such a great review.

    1. Yeah! That seems to be the general opinion of Harley Benton these days. It’s quite amazing that they can sell them for such a low price and yet, as you say, the workmanship is very good. I’m glad your brother is enjoying his guitar!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Brandon!

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