Left Handed Gibson Acoustic Guitars 2021 – A Huge Choice!

While writing about Gibson’s electric guitars, I was initially going to include left handed Gibson acoustic guitars as well. However, when looking at what lefty Gibson acoustics were available, there were so many that I thought it’d be much better to give them a post of their own. I thought Gibson was generous when it […]

Left Handed Gibson Guitars 2021 – The Famous Rock Classic

After reviewing the lefty Gibson Les Paul Studio, I thought I should have a look at the company that makes them and what left handed Gibson guitars are available. Gibson guitars are one of the most iconic and famous guitar brands out there. Steeped in rock history, Gibson is a guitar brand that so many […]

Left Handed Godin Guitars 2021 – Quality, Innovative Guitars

I first heard of Godin Guitars back in the early ’90s, after seeing an ad for one of their nylon-stringed instruments in a guitar magazine. I dismissed them at the time because I thought they looked really plain and was more interested in Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, ESP, etc. So I didn’t even check if left […]

Left Handed Solar Guitars 2021 – Perfect For Modern Metal

I first heard of Solar Guitars when I was watching Ola England‘s YouTube channel. Being a fan of his aggressive playing style as well as his humorous content, I was naturally interested when he said that he was starting his own guitar brand when it launched in 2017. Obviously, I also wanted to know if […]

Left Handed Dean Guitars & Basses That Kick Ass! 2021

Left Handed Dean Guitars Dean guitars are pretty good when it comes to catering to left handed guitar players. In the current lineup there are ten different instruments from across the different Dean range. So, let’s check out which models from Dean Guitars are offered to us left handed folk. If you like, you can […]

Left Handed PRS Guitars 2021 – Can I Get One? They’re Beautiful!

Paul Reed Smith On Left Handed PRS Guitars Although nowadays there are very limited numbers of PRS Core models available to lefty guitarists, there was a time when we weren’t so lucky. When asked about left handed PRS guitars, Paul Reed Smith, founder of PRS Guitars, once said “I think there were more left handed guitarists […]

Left Handed Harley Benton Acoustic Guitars 2021 – Affordable Lefty Acoustics

Over the last few years, Harley Benton has made the leap from being a provider of cheap beginner instruments that didn’t always get great reviews to becoming a very well-respected brand, getting loads of positive reviews from pretty much everyone who plays them. Many are quite surprised at how good they are, given how little […]

Left Handed Harley Benton Bass Guitars 2021 – 8 Affordable Lefty Bass Guitars

Harley Benton has really made a name for itself over the years. In the beginning, reviews of the brand fell quite short of spectacular, and their reputation was that they were just another company that made cheap, beginner instruments of varying quality. Some were pretty good and some were terrible. Ever since those early days, […]

Left Handed Harley Benton Guitars 2021 – 27 Affordable Guitars

In recent years, Harley Benton has fast become known for making great bang-for-buck guitars; quality acoustic, electric, and bass guitars for an amazing price. Better still, there are loads of left handed Harley Benton guitars too! Not as many as our right handed friends of course, but there’s definitely a nice variety for us to […]

4 Fantastically Unique Left Handed Danelectro Guitars 2021

Left Handed Danelectro Guitars Let’s have a look at what left handed Danelectro guitars are available! Go straight to the left handed Danelectro guitars When you ask a guitarist about what guitars they like, they’ll usually mention brands like Fender, Gibson, PRS, or Gretsch. Maybe they’ll talk about companies likeĀ Ibanez, Jackson, ESP, Schecter, Ernie Ball […]

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