Stunning New Left Handed ESP Guitars and Basses 2022

After reviewing my lefty Vintage Black ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe, I thought I’d take a look at the company that made it – ESP, and what left handed ESP guitars and basses are available for you, my lefty friends, to buy. ESP has recently announced its “New for 2022” guitars and basses, however at the […]

The 18 Most Expensive Left Handed Guitars Ever!

Ever wondered what the most expensive left handed guitars are? In 2020, the sale of Kurt Cobain‘s Martin D-18E, as used by the iconic Nirvana frontman during their MTV Unplugged performance, smashed all records to become the most expensive guitar ever sold at auction and managed to fetch just over $6 million! I got thinking […]

Left Handed Yamaha Guitars 2022 – How Lucky Are We With Availability?

Left Handed Yamaha Guitars After taking a look at left handed ESP and Ibanez guitars, I thought I’d stick with Japanese guitar companies and see what left handed Yamaha guitars are available to us lefties. Yamaha aren’t just manufacturers of musical instruments; over the years, they have manufactured all kinds of products from golf clubs […]

Left Handed Godin Guitars 2021 – Quality, Innovative Guitars

I first heard of Godin Guitars back in the early ’90s, after seeing an ad for one of their nylon-stringed instruments in a guitar magazine. I dismissed them at the time because I thought they looked really plain and was more interested in Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, ESP, etc. So I didn’t even check if left […]

Left Handed Schecter Bass Guitars 2021 – Spoilt For Choice!

Schecter Guitar Research has got to be one of the most lefty-friendly guitar companies around. Does Schecter make left handed bass guitars? Yes! There are nearly 40 left handed Schecter bass guitars at the time of writing! Schecter has become a world-renowned guitar company, with many well-known and well-respected musicians and bands using them, including […]

Left Handed Schecter Guitars 2021 – A Huge Lefty Range

Schecter Guitar Research is one of the most lefty-friendly guitar companies around. The question isn’t “Do Schecter make left handed guitars?”; rather “How many left handed Schecter guitars are there?” You’d be surprised when comparing them to most other guitar companies! Schecter have become one of the top guitar companies in the world, with many […]

31 Best Gifts For Guitar Players That They’ll Actually Use

Whatever the occasion, be it Christmas, a birthday, or Valentine’s Day, it can be a difficult task to think of the best presents to buy for your guitar-playing loved ones. If you know any guitarists and are wondering what the best gifts for guitar players are, take a look at this list. You can ditch […]

Left Handed Jamstik Guitars 2021 – Easily Play Any Instrument With Your Guitar!

The Jamstik is a MIDI guitar and is made by a company called Zivix. They are responsible for the Jamstik Studio MIDI guitar, and the Jamstik Guitar Trainer, but are there any left handed Jamstik guitars? Recently I featured Manson Guitar Works, which has its MA EVO MIDI guitar, which features an on-board touchpad for […]

Left Handed Spector Bass Guitars 2021 – Powerful & Modern Basses

Want to know what left handed Spector bass guitars are available? At the time of writing, the Spector Bass website is a little sketchy when it comes to information regarding exactly which models are available to buy in a lefty configuration, so I thought I’d try and make it a little easier for any left […]

Left Handed Manson Guitars 2021 – Awesome Modern Age Guitars!

Left Handed Manson Guitars Let’s take a look at whether there are any left handed Manson guitars and basses available. Go straight to the guitars. My first introduction to Manson Guitar Works was relatively recently when I found out the kind of guitars Matt Bellamy played. At this point, I didn’t really look any further […]

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