Left Handed Gibson Les Paul Studio Review – Is It As Good As the Standard Model?

Left Handed Gibson Les Paul Studio Review Gibson guitars have long been one of the big names in guitar manufacture, and in rock music history. The Les Paul model has become one of the most iconic guitars ever, with legendary guitarists such as Jimmy Page, Slash, and Randy Rhoads all playing them for much of […]

Seriously Slick Left Handed Charvel Guitars 2021

Left Handed Charvel Guitars Charvel guitars are known for being precision instruments, with high performance and tone to match. They’re very popular with hard rock and metal guitar players, and come in some pretty ‘out there’ colors and paint jobs. Take the Warren DeMartini signature model, for example, featuring an amazing looking snakeskin paint job! […]

9 Handsome Left Handed Gretsch Guitars – New For 2021

Left Handed Gretsch Guitars After checking out Duesenberg‘s range of left handed guitars, I thought I’d have a look at Gretsch Guitars. Gretsch have recently announced their new 2021 guitar range. Should we have a look at how many left handed Gretsch guitars there are this year? Of course we should! I first heard of Gretsch […]

Stunning New Left Handed ESP Guitars and Basses 2021

After reviewing my lefty Vintage Black ESP LTD EC-1000 Deluxe, I thought I’d take a look at the company that made it – ESP, and what left handed ESP guitars and basses are available for you, my lefty friends, to buy. ESP has recently announced its latest range of left handed guitars for 2021 and […]

Amazing Left Handed Ibanez Guitars and Basses 2021

Left Handed Ibanez Guitars and Basses After previously taking a look at ESP guitars, I thought I’d have a look at another highly regarded Japanese guitar company, and the guitars and basses that they have available to us lefties. Ibanez have recently updated their catalog for 2021, so if you’re looking to buy any new […]

Kiss A Ginger Day – Top 5 Famous Redhead Guitarists

Today, January 12, is Kiss a Ginger Day! So to celebrate, I’m gonna list my top 5 ginger-haired guitar players! When I first started to think of famous redhead guitarists, I must admit, it was a little struggle. I could think of quite a lot of famous ginger-haired people, a few ginger musicians, but had […]

Left Handed Washburn Guitars 2021 – A Limited Choice…

Left Handed Washburn Guitars Back in 1990, I discovered the Boston rock band Extreme after the release of their song Decadence Dance. I was immediately struck by Nuno Bettencourt‘s funky metal guitar playing with lots of fast notes and pinch harmonics. Check out Nuno’s big hoop earrings in the video below! His playing sounded fantastic […]

9 Beautifully Crafted Left Handed Duesenberg Guitars

Left Handed Duesenberg Guitars I’d never heard of Duesenberg guitars until around 2018, when I was watching some live videos of Dropkick Murphys on YouTube. I noticed that Ken Casey, their vocalist/bass player had a bass I didn’t recognize, so I searched online to find he was playing a Duesenberg Starplayer bass. Naturally, I checked […]

Lefty Guitarist’s 13 Top Rocking Christmas Song Covers

It’s that time of year again; the holiday season where so many artists release Christmas songs. Every year we see so many musicians and recording artists, from the little-known guy down the street, all the way to huge stars such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, etc. sharing either new Christmas songs or Christmas […]

Left Handed Sterling Guitars and Basses 2020 – Are There Any?

Left Handed Sterling Guitars and Basses Recently I took a look at left handed Music Man guitars and basses, which are a highly regarded, premium guitar brand. Sterling by Music Man is Music Man’s more affordable guitar line aimed at beginner and intermediate players. I was quite surprised at how many left handed guitars Music […]

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