KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap Review – The Most Comfortable Guitar Strap Ever?

Last year, I had received an Amazon gift card but wasn’t really sure what I wanted to spend it on. As someone who enjoys playing guitar, I thought I’d get something guitar related. After a little consideration, I decided that I’d like to get a new guitar strap. Then, after much more consideration, I decided […]

Left Handed ESP LTD EC-1000 Review – Badass Lefty Guitar?

Introduction Here we have the Left Handed ESP LTD EC-1000 VB Deluxe, one of a pretty wide range of left handed guitars from ESP. ESP is one guitar company that is lefty-friendly! I first took note of the EC-1000 around 2010 when I saw a left handed Gold Top model on eBay; it looked fantastic! […]

Positive Grid Spark Review – Is It The Best Guitar Practice Amp?

Note: For anyone who already has a Positive Grid Spark, you can download the latest firmware here. Positive Grid Spark Amplifier A few months back, I pre-ordered this new all-singing, all-dancing guitar practice amp; the Positive Grid Spark 40 (to give it its full title). Now that it has arrived, I’m gonna see if I can […]

Left Handed Harley Benton Guitars 2020 – 18 Affordable Guitars & Basses

In recent years, Harley Benton have fast become known for making great bang-for-buck guitars; quality acoustic, electric, and bass guitars for an amazing price. Better still, there are loads of left handed Harley Benton guitars too! Not as many as our right handed friends, but there’s a nice variety for us to choose from. First […]

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