Left Handed Yamaha Guitars

Left Handed Yamaha Guitars 2023 – Fantastic New Revstars!

by Chris

March 3, 2022


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Last Updated on January 16, 2023 by Chris

Left Handed Yamaha Guitars

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After taking a look at left handed ESP and Ibanez guitars, I thought I’d stick with Japanese guitar companies and see what left handed Yamaha guitars are available to us lefties.

Yamaha aren’t just manufacturers of musical instruments; over the years, they have manufactured all kinds of products from golf clubs to motorcycles!

The first time I’d seen a Yamaha guitar was in a book my parents had bought me when I first started playing guitar back in the early ’90s, The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer. It was a double-page illustration of the Yamaha SG 2000, featured in that book, that made an impression on the thirteen-year-old me! It looked fantastic!

Since then, I’ve always fancied owning a Yamaha SG, but no luck so far…

Go straight to the left handed Yamaha guitars.

Who Are Yamaha?

Yamaha Revstar Guitars

The Yamaha Corporation is the biggest musical instrument manufacturer in the world!

They produce many different types of instruments, including:

  • Guitars, Basses, and Amplifiers
  • Pianos, Keyboards, and Synthesizers
  • Drums, Drum Machines, and Percussion
  • Violins, Violas and Cellos
  • Brass and Woodwinds

Originally named the Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. the Yamaha Corporation was founded in 1887, manufacturing pianos and reed organs.

In 1954, Yamaha ran a program of music classes in Japan, forming the Yamaha Music School. Later, in 1966, this became the Yamaha Music Foundation. The program focused on promoting music and music education to the Japanese people at the time.

By 1955, Yamaha built the YA-1 motorcycle, which was so successful, that the Yamaha Motor Company Limited was created and split from the main Yamaha company.

In 1960, the Yamaha International Corporation (now the Yamaha Corporation of America) was established, and after starting to produce electronic organs, sports equipment, wind instruments, recreation, and lifestyle products, by 1966 they started building guitars, basses, and amplifiers.

Yamaha continued to grow their guitar division throughout the decades, building on the success of each year to become world leaders in the musical instruments market.

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What Do I Think About Yamaha Guitars?

Yamah SG 1802

As mentioned before, from an early stage in my guitar playing journey, the Yamaha SG 2000 really caught my eye; roundabout 1991. I’d heard they were really great guitars with incredible sustain and the bright orange-colored sunburst of that illustration (not even a photograph!) really stuck in my mind for quite a long time!

Since then, I’d seen that Yamaha had another well-regarded range of guitars, with the Pacifica line, and then later, the cool-looking Revstar line, among others.

I’m a big fan of the Revstar’s aesthetic; they’re really cool looking, and sound pretty cool too!

The Different Types of Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM

Being the biggest musical instrument manufacturer in the world, Yamaha predictably has quite a number of different guitar models available.

When it comes to electric guitars, Yamaha produces five main model types, along with signature models:

  • Revstar – The design of the Revstar range draws inspiration from London and Tokyo’s vintage street-racing motorbikes of the 1960s. There’s no denying that these guitars look something special and have a cool retro feel.
  • Pacifica – Designed for versatility, the Pacifica range has a pickup configuration that provides tones suitable for just about any genre.
  • Hollow Body – The Yamaha Hollow Bodies combine traditional construction with modern electronics to produce instruments of quality and versatility.
Yamaha Acoustic Guitar 12-String and 6-String Headstocks

Yamaha also produce a large selection of acoustic guitars too:

  • STORIA – This range is aimed at the modern beginner player, and feature a shorter neck and a smaller body for comfort and ease of use.
  • FG / FS Red Label – Inspired by Yamaha’s Red Label guitars of the sixties, the guitars in this range are designed to provide vintage tone and vintage aesthetics.
  • TransAcoustic Guitars – If you like chorus and reverb effects, you can now enjoy these sounds directly from the guitar’s sound chamber, without plugging in to any external effects or amplifiers.
  • A Series – These guitars are designed to be played live, or for studio work. They combine tradition with technology for a versatile acoustic sound.
  • L Series – These are Yamaha’s high-end acoustic guitar series, featuring their A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) technology, which basically ages the woods to give them improved tone.
  • CSF – One of Yamaha’s travel / mini guitar ranges, the CSF modern parlor guitars are compact guitars designed to provide a full and rich sound, even without a full-size body.
  • FG / FGX – The FG / FGX series represents Yamaha’s standard line of acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars.
  • F / FX – Aimed at the budget-conscious and beginner players, these affordable acoustic guitars offer developing players Yamaha’s usual quality and tone.
  • APX – This guitar range is built for comfort, featuring a thin cutaway body and an electric guitar style neck.
  • CPX – These guitars combine the pickup systems of the APX series with a larger body, designed for a louder, fuller acoustic sound.
  • APXT2 – Featuring just one model, this guitar is a 3/4 sized version of the larger, best-selling APX500.
  • JR – The JR is a 540mm scale length compact guitar modeled on Yamaha’s FG series.

Not bad! So which ones can we buy in left handed configuration?

Left Handed Yamaha Electric Guitars

Seeing as Yamaha is the world’s biggest manufacturer of musical instruments, you wouldn’t be surprised if they had the world’s biggest range of lefty guitars.

Unfortunately, it’s quite the opposite! Yamaha actually has quite a small range!

In 2021, there was only one left handed Yamaha electric guitar; the Pacifica 112J model.

Yamaha updated their 2022 range of guitars with a couple of Revstar models that were available for the first time to lefty guitarists!

They redesigned the original Revstar with new finishes and a slightly bigger, chambered body, developed by Yamaha’s Acoustic Design process to improve tone, clarity, and resonance.

These newer models also feature new switching and tonal options, for a more versatile instrument.

The Revstar lineup is divided into three tiers; Revstar Element, Revstar Standard, and Revstar Professional. Unfortunately for us lefties, the Japanese-made Professional tier is unavailable. Also, it appears that the P90 versions are also unavailable.

Pacifica 112JL

This is Yamaha’s entry-level guitar from the Pacifica range and features in LeftyGuitarist.com’s Top Left Handed Guitars for Beginners. It’s a fantastic beginner’s guitar, well-built, versatile, and well-suited to the budget-conscious guitar player.

Unfortunately, it’s not officially available in the USA, though you may be able to get one through the likes of Reverb or eBay.

Left Handed Yamaha Guitars - Pacifica 112JL (Yellow Natural Satin)
Left Handed Yamaha Guitars - Pacifica 112JL (Black)

$363.80 MSRP, Made in China
Pacifica Series

  • STRINGS: 6
  • SCALE: 648mm (25-1/2″)
  • NECK: Bolt-on Maple
  • NECK FINISH: Satin Polyurethane
  • BODY: Alder
  • FINGERBOARD: Rosewood
  • RADIUS: 350mm (13-3/4″)
  • FRETS: 22
  • NUT TYPE: Urea
  • BRIDGE: Vintage-Style Tremolo
  • NECK PICKUP: Single Coil/Ceramic
  • MIDDLE PICKUP: Single Coil/Ceramic
  • BRIDGE PICKUP: Humbucker/Ceramic
  • CONTROLS: Master Volume, Master Tone, 5-Position Switch
  • TUNERS: Die-Cast
  • FINISH: Gloss Polyurethane – Yellow Satin Natural, Black

Check price/availability at:

Revstar Element RSE20L

Left Handed Yamaha Guitars - Revstar Element RSE20L (Black)
Left Handed Yamaha Guitars - Revstar Element RSE20L (Swift Blue)

This is Yamaha’s stripped-back, entry-level Revstar, which features dual humbuckers as well as the Dry Switch, which acts as a high pass filter, that was available on the original Revstar models.

$549.99 MSRP, Made in Indonesia
Revstar Series

  • STRINGS: 6
  • SCALE: 628.6mm (24-3/4”)
  • NECK: Set-in 3-Piece Mahogany
  • NECK FINISH: Satin Polyurethane
  • BODY: Chambered Mahogany
  • FINGERBOARD: Rosewood
  • RADIUS: 304.8mm (12″)
  • FRETS: 22 Jumbo
  • BRIDGE: Tune-O-Matic
  • NECK PICKUP: VH3n: Humbucker / Alnico V
  • BRIDGE PICKUP: VH3b: Humbucker / Alnico V
  • CONTROLS: Master Volume, Master Tone (Push-Pull, “Dry Switch”), 3-Position Lever Switch
  • TUNERS: Die-Cast
  • FINISH: Gloss Polyurethane – Black, Swift Blue

Check price/availability at:

Revstar Standard RSS20L

Left Handed Yamaha Guitars - Revstar Element RSS20L (Black)
Left Handed Yamaha Guitars - Revstar Element RSS20L (Swift Blue)

This is Yamaha’s standard series Revstar model, which adds carbon reinforcement to the neck, as well as a new 5-way switching system, that offers a subtle phase shift on positions 2 and 4, unavailable to the original models.

These two-pickup guitars have the flexibility of a three-pickup guitar, adding versatility with a new range of sounds.

These models also feature a Focus Switch, which activates a passive boost, to create the effect of an overwound pickup, adding even more sonic options with darker highs, and increased mids and lows.

$849.99 MSRP, Made in Indonesia
Revstar Series

  • STRINGS: 6
  • SCALE: 628.6mm (24-3/4”)
  • NECK: Set-in 3-Piece Mahogany with Carbon Reinforcement
  • NECK FINISH: Satin Polyurethane
  • TOP: Maple
  • BODY: Chambered Mahogany
  • FINGERBOARD: Rosewood
  • RADIUS: 304.8mm (12″)
  • FRETS: 22 Jumbo Stainless Steel
  • BRIDGE: Tune-O-Matic
  • NECK PICKUP: VH5n: Humbucker / Alnico V
  • BRIDGE PICKUP: VH5b: Humbucker / Alnico V
  • CONTROLS: Master Volume, Master Tone (Push-Pull, “Dry Switch”), 5-Position Lever Switch
  • TUNERS: Die-Cast
  • FINISH: Gloss Polyurethane – Black, Swift Blue

Check price/availability at:

Left Handed Yamaha Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha is also a big name in acoustic guitars and has many different models available to our right handed friends. However, there are just two different left handed Yamaha acoustic guitars available to lefty guitarists:

Yamaha LL16L ARE

Left Handed Yamaha Guitars - LL16L ARE Acoustic Guitar

$1,420.00 MSRP, Made in China
LL Series

  • STRINGS: 6
  • SCALE: 650mm (25 9/16”)
  • NECK: Mahogany & Rosewood 5ply
  • NECK FINISH: Matte
  • BODY SHAPE: Yamaha Original Jumbo
  • TOP: Solid Engelmann Spruce with A.R.E.
  • BACK: Solid Rosewood
  • SIDE: Solid Rosewood
  • RADIUS: 400mm (15 3/4″)
  • FRETS: 20
  • NUT TYPE: Urea
  • NUT WIDTH: 44 mm (1 3/4″)
  • BRIDGE: Ebony
  • ELECTRONICS: Passive System + SRT Piezo Pickup
  • CONTROLS: None
  • PICKGUARD: Tortoise Pattern
  • TUNERS: Die-Cast Gold
  • FINISH: Gloss Natural

Check price/availability at:

Yamaha FG820L

Left Handed Yamaha Guitars - FG820L Acoustic Guitar

$603.60 MSRP, Made in China
FG Series

  • STRINGS: 6
  • SCALE: 650mm (25 9/16″)
  • NECK: Nato
  • NECK FINISH: Matte
  • BODY SHAPE: Traditional Western
  • TOP: Solid Spruce
  • BACK: Mahogany
  • SIDE: Mahogany
  • FINGERBOARD: Rosewood or Walnut
  • RADIUS: 400mm (15 3/4″)
  • FRETS: 20
  • NUT TYPE: Urea
  • NUT WIDTH: 43 mm (1 11/16″)
  • BRIDGE: Rosewood or Walnut
  • CONTROLS: None
  • PICKGUARD: Tortoise Pattern
  • TUNERS: Die-Cast Chrome
  • FINISH: Gloss Natural

Check price/availability at:

Yamaha APX700IIL

Left Handed Yamaha Guitars - APX700IIL Acoustic Guitar

$972.20 MSRP, Made in China
APX Series

  • STRINGS: 6
  • SCALE: 650mm (25 9/16″)
  • NECK: Nato
  • NECK FINISH: Matte
  • BODY SHAPE: Thinline Cutaway
  • TOP: Solid Spruce
  • BACK: Mahogany
  • SIDE: Mahogany
  • FINGERBOARD: Rosewood or Walnut
  • RADIUS: 400mm (15 3/4″)
  • FRETS: 23
  • NUT TYPE: Urea
  • NUT WIDTH: 43 mm (1 11/16″)
  • BRIDGE: Rosewood
  • ELECTRONICS: System64 + ART 1-Way Pickup
  • CONTROLS: Vol, 3-Band EQ, Tuner, Mid FQ
  • TUNERS: Die-Cast Chrome
  • FINISH: Gloss Natural

Check price/availability at:

Left Handed Yamaha Bass Guitars

Unfortunately, even though Yamaha make bass guitars for right handed people, they don’t make any lefty ones at the time of writing.

Left Handed Yamaha Classical and Nylon Guitars

Yamaha makes several classical models. Unfortunately, none of them are made in a left handed version at the time of writing.

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Final Thoughts

Yamaha Revstars

Just because you’re the biggest musical instrument manufacturer, doesn’t necessarily mean you offer the most to your customers. Especially if your customers are left handed guitarists!

They should take a look at companies such as ESP, Gibson, Schecter, Martin, or Taylor who offer lefty guitarists a huge choice.

However, with the two lefty Revstar electric models, their entry-level Pacifica, as well as a handful of acoustic models, Yamaha has made improvements to their lefty range in the last couple of years.

It’s a shame though that we can’t get a lefty Professional Revstar, or any of the higher specced Pacifica models. Let’s hope the future will bring us more choice.

Historically, Yamaha has offered other lefty models to those that are available today, such as SG and RGX models, among others, but you’d have to check the used markets to find any.

Yamaha also produces bass guitars and silent guitars, but at the time of writing, none are made in a lefty configuration.

What do you think of Yamaha guitars? Do you own any left handed Yamaha guitars? Comment below!

Image credits: yamaha.com

  • I’m after a left-handed acoustic and it saddens me to see such a limited selection from Yamaha, the world’s largest producer of musical instruments. Shocking really.. Especially considering how many great guitarists have been left-handed! In the end I settled for a LL16.. but there are compromises even on their “Luxury” model.. No bone saddle and nut, just a hardened plastic. And I’d really rather have gone for a concert size, but not available. Come on Yamaha, you can do better!

    • Hey James,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It really is a shame that companies like Yamaha can’t make more lefty models than they actually do.

      When you compare their acoustic offerings to those of Martin or Taylor, which have over 80 and 100 lefty acoustics respectively, you can’t help but wonder why we don’t have more choice from big companies like Yamaha.

      Gibson also has a fantastic selection, although they can be on the pricey side. Many guitarists swear by them though.

      Faith are another company with a good range of left handed acoustics, but if you live outside of the UK or Europe, they can be a little harder to find.

      If you’re specifically after a Yamaha, the choice is limited. They are better than some companies though.

      Hope your LL16 sounds as good as you want it to!

    • I guess it depends on how badly you want a Revstar specifically. Telecasters are definitely great guitars too. Why not get both! Haha!

      I actually tried an RSS20L a couple of weeks ago, and it sounds really cool; the only thing for me was that I prefer a slightly thinner neck. It seemed a little thicker than I’m used to on the higher frets, however, I think a thicker neck is something I could get used to.

      Thanks for commenting Gilbert!

  • Hello, I am 61 live in Singapore. I have problems getting lefthanded guitars all these years!!! I have to order and the wait is long. Now have been longing for the Yamaha Revstar… Seems like an elusive dream, shops in Singapore do not stock much or any lefthanded.
    I hope Yamaha, being such a big company can supply us in Singapore Revstar lefthandeds guitars. Think of the many lefthandeds having to force learn on right-handed guitars and soon give up because its not ‘natural’ for us trying to learn and awkwardly, just can’t manage.

    • Hello Yin,
      Yeah, it’s bad enough that left handed guitars a more scarce than our right handed counterparts, but I’m guessing it’s much more difficult getting them into a relatively small place like Singapore.

      Unfortunately Yamaha don’t make Revstars for us lefthanders; I don’t think they ever have. Let’s hope that they change their mind!

      It’s a shame that such a big company only has a few left handed guitars available. At the time I write this reply, I’m in the middle of writing a post on Schecter guitars, and they manage to have over eighty left handed guitar models available! That’s absolutely huge!

      Fingers crossed for the future…

      Edit: Woohoo! Yamaha now make the Revstar for lefties! Element and Standard models only, but it’s fantastic news. I hope I can get a Standard model one of these days.

  • I am the owner of two Yamaha guitars.Pacifica 112 j and acoustic FG 720S.Pacifica is my first electric guitar and for the price range its very good instrument.Acoustic FG 720S is amazing guitar.I pay for it nearly 400 euros,but its worth more than that.I*m thinking about Yamaha LL16 ARE,but in my country(Serbia)price is a little over 1000 euros.One day,maybe,who knows…My wish is Pacifica 612,maybe one day lefthanded version come out.Untill that day,best regards for all lefthanded guitar brothers.

    • Yeah, the Pacifica 612 is a very nice guitar! I too would love it if Yamaha made a left handed version. So far, I’ve only ever seen the 112.

      I actually have a right handed 112J, which I bought used, for only GBP20, in an attempt to learn guitar right handed just for fun. I didn’t do so well, but it is a good quality guitar for the price, like you say. In fact, Yamaha guitars are generally very good quality overall.

      Best regards to you too, my left handed friend! Thanks for commenting.

      • Thanks Chris.Now,I just see some mistakes in my post.I paid Yamaha almost 400 euros and I wrote left-handed together,but I hope you wont blame me.English is not my native laguage.I have a suggestion for you.I like your texts about guitars.Maybe,you could write something about Suhr as well as Martin guitars which are amazing,in my opinion.I appriciate them because they have a lot of models for us,left handed.I don*t know what you think about that?

        • Hey Dragan,
          No worries, we all make mistakes sometimes.

          I have a big long list of guitar companies to write about! Both Suhr and Martin are on that list; I will definitely be writing about them in the near future.

          The companies that have a larger number of lefty guitars take longer to write, but I will get there eventually!

          Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! I will keep writing about all the left handed guitars available.

          Take care,

          • Thank you Chris for writing about guitars and so you help us to keep up with new models of guitars for lef handed and to make choice of guitar easier.I will be so free to leave a comment with some other guitar manufacturers.I have already seen one that I think seriously to buy it and I might need your advice and you wrote about it.Best wishes and we*ll stay in touch.

      • I have a right handed 112XJ in metalic orange. It’s quite the looker. One of my customers brought it in for leveling and recrown and i haven’t seen him since. This was 2 years ago. I’ve tried to contact the chap but to no avail. It even lives in a Yamaha branded Gen 3 Hiscox case which is probably worth more than the Guitar lol. I would have a Revstar by now if they made them for us Southpaws but Yamaha say they have no plans what so ever to start producing them. I bought Gibson SG’s because they can be got for lefties but a couple i have had have been frankly ghastly in the quality department, shocking really. Yamaha should cater for us across the range and without extra premium just for being left handed. Believe it or not they did put premiums on left handed Guitars claiming it was hassell to re tool ect so they put premiums on them. It’s frowned upon now of course but what difference does it make anyway in this case.

        • Hey Chris,
          Cool! I’m a big fan of bright finishes on guitars, though I don’t have any myself yet. It’s a relatively recent preference. Wonder if your customer will ever show…

          Yeah, it’s a real shame about the Revstar; I’d love one! I’d even be prepared to pay a bit of a premium, as some companies do still charge it. If it’s a hassle to re-tool for the Revstar, why make the 112? I get that they are cheaper to build and probably sell more quantity-wise, but I reckon a lefty Revstar would be a big seller for them.

          I guess we can only live in hope…

          Thanks your comment Chris!

    • It’d be amazing if there were any left handed Yamaha Revstars, but sadly a lefthand Revstar is something we will have to dream about for the time being! Unless of course, you go the Yamaha Custom Shop route.

      Edit: Yamaha have recently released the Revstar for lefties! Element and Standard models are available, no pro, and no P90 pickups. I hope to get a standard one of these days!

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