22 Awesome Left Handed Guitar Shirts – Wear Them With Pride!

Three left handed guitar shirts
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Last Updated on October 22, 2020 by Chris

You got the badass GUITAR slung around your neck…
You got the kickass rock star POSES down…
You even got that guitar FACE going on!

Now, what about the cool clothes to go with those that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd?

Wouldn’t it be great if we lefties could find some cool left handed guitar shirts to wear? There aren’t that many out there, but they are definitely out there if you look hard enough!


I think it’s fair to say that most guitarists enjoy wearing t-shirts, especially music related t-shirts that have a unique design, and rarely seen anywhere else. So what better way to show off your individuality than to proudly wear some cool looking left handed guitar shirts!

It’d be a lie to say that left handed guitarists have a vast range of guitars to choose from in comparison to right handed folks. The same can be said for apparel; t-shirts, hoodies and the like… I’d say we have even less choice when it comes to showing our lefty pride on the clothing we wear!

So I’ve scoured the internet to find some cool looking left handed guitar shirts that I’d be proud to wear. Some of the designs are aimed squarely at lefty guitarists, but some of them just feature images with left handed guitars in them or someone playing a guitar the left handed way. Some also feature famous left handed guitar players.

As well as these lefty guitarist t-shirts, there’s also electric guitar t-shirts and acoustic guitar t-shirts. Some are available in men’s fit, some in women’s fit, some unisex; some ship to the US, some to Europe. No discrimination; I just wanted to find cool guitar t-shirts!

I did find quite a lot more than the ones listed here, but quite frankly, I just wasn’t very keen on the designs very much.

Anyway, here is my list of left handed guitar shirts that I think are cool. I hope you think so too and can find something that you’d like to wear as well!

Please note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means that at no extra cost to you, if you decide to make a purchase when you click through I will get a small commission. If you do buy something, then I’d like to say “thank you so much”! It’ll help me keep this website going.

Have a peek at these…

T-Shirt 1 – Ganesha rocks!

Left handed guitar shirts - Ganesha Rocks!

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Ganesha, Hindu god of new beginnings, success, intellect, wisdom, remover of obstacles… and ROCKING OUT!!! Who knew?!!

Ganesha is probably best recognized by the fact that he has an elephant’s head, but in this shirt he can also be recognized by his left handed strat-style guitar. He looks pretty Zen here, demonstrating self-restraint and inner peace, but the raised devil horns and his ratty friend on the mic say otherwise!

This ancient god has probably been rocking out throughout the ages! With four arms as well, I bet he sure can shred some! 16-fingered tapping anyone?

T-Shirt 2 – Pandas of Death Metal

Left handed guitar shirts - Pandas of Death Metal

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Here we can see a left handed panda holding what appears to be a left handed Gibson Flying V. Do pandas have a particular handedness? Who knows, but this panda looks quite comfortable with this axe, as though playing guitar is second nature to it.

To me, it doesn’t particularly look very Death Metal, but it’s definitely a cool looking print and logo all the same. There’s a pretty cool looking green version too!

T-Shirt 3 – Musical Mermaid

Left handed guitar shirts - Musical Mermaid

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This lefty mermaid, with a serene look on her face and a left handed acoustic guitar in her hands, looks like she could be a gentle acoustic music lover. However, her undulating red hair looks reminiscent of the snake hair of the Medusa of Greek Mythology!

Let’s not forget, that mermaids could well have come from the Sirens of Greek Mythology too… Maybe she’s not so innocent after all!

T-Shirt 4 – The Last Song of Autumn

Left handed guitar shirts - The Last Song of Autumn

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The woman on this shirt looks like she could be the coolest female assassin!

Although she is playing a Shamisen (a traditional three-stringed instrument from Japan), rather than a guitar, the blind Japanese woman playing it is clearly left handed! Could it be that the Shamisen is hiding a deadly weapon within? Maybe with her heightened sense of hearing, she can locate her target with soundwaves; she’s ready to strike!

T-Shirt 5 – Zombie Rock Musicians

Left handed guitar shirts - Zombie Rock Musicians

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What’s cooler than a zombie rocking out? Not a lot, I reckon, and this one looks like he’s got plenty of attitude! Do zombies actually have the brains to be able to rock out?! I guess this one does!

I just love the way the design on this shirt is drawn, from the checkered shoes and striped top to the low slung lefty guitar! This zombie looks like one devilish rock star! Its face, with its tongue out and the stitches in the forehead all add up to one wicked looking t-shirt! The spattered background suits the comic book feel of the shirt too.

T-Shirt 6 – Rock On, Dino

Left handed guitar shirts - Rock On, Dino

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Rock on indeed, Dino! The dinosaur on this t-shirt looks like it knows how to have a good time! Look at the joy on its face! Or is that a snarl or even a roar? Aaaarrrghhh! Big scary sharp teeth! Help!

Either way, I’m sure it’s playing some earth-shattering rock music!

Notice though, how the lefty Flying V-style guitar it’s holding has only three strings. Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that this dino has only three fingers! Watch out for those sharp claws!

T-Shirt 7 – Monsta Bass

Left handed guitar shirts - Monster Bass

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What? Is this seriously a monster? It doesn’t look like a scary monster to me… More like a scared monster! Maybe it’s scared of the monstrously pounding bass emanating from its teeny tiny speaker… Hmmm, on second thoughts, maybe not.

Either way, this is a fun looking shirt; who knows what it’s trying to say!

T-Shirt 8 – Rock Panda

Left handed guitar shirts - Rock Panda

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Wow! This panda looks a little angry! I think it must be playing some kind of angry rock song. Hear it growl! GRRRRRRR!!!!

This is the second t-shirt in this list that features the normally lovable panda. Pandas are usually seen to be gentle, docile creatures, but by the looks of it, this one knows how to ROCK!! Why not show everyone your inner Rock Panda with this humorous t-shirt?

T-Shirt 9 – Techno Star

Left handed guitar shirts - Techno Star

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Here we have some kind of robotic android amplifier, and it’s playing a left handed guitar! I guess it must have been programmed by one of us lefties. Is it playing some Techno Rock?

I reckon it looks like it could be performing at an interstellar music festival at the far reaches of outer space! Maybe C-3PO, R2D2 and BB-8 are in the audience somewhere…

T-Shirt 10 – Rock Beard

Left handed guitar shirts - Rock Beard

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“Where is the guitar?” I hear you ask. It’s hidden somewhere behind that unstoppable, cascading mass of facial hair. But even with all that beard in the way, nothing is gonna stop this guy from playing his guitar!

Not even beer, which he’s obviously had at least a couple of. One thing I’d warn this guy about though is to remember to keep his guitar dry!

T-Shirt 11 – Slimer Rocker

Left handed guitar shirts - Slimer Rocker

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Here we have the lovable greedy guzzling ghost from the famed Ghostbusters movies. Armed with a Flying V style guitar, a studded wristband, and raising the Devil Horns with his left hand, Slimer looks like he’s coming for you; maybe even to eat you! Anyway, he looks like he’s not to be messed with and he most definitely ROCKS!

This is a cool looking print showing both humor and attitude!

T-Shirt 12 – Red Fender Broken

Left handed guitar shirts - Red Fender Broken

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Are you the type of guitarist who just loves playing your guitar so hard and so often that you actually wear it out or even break it?! Do you need to gaffer tape and bandage it up to keep it playing?

This Fender Telecaster looks like it’s seen a lot of action! A little too much perhaps… Maybe it’s a record of how much time, effort, and practice you’ve put into it! Keep on ROCKING!

T-Shirt 13 – Famous Left Handed Guitar Player Shirt

Left handed guitar shirts - Famous Left Handed Guitar Player Shirt

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Now you can show your appreciation for these four iconic famous left handed guitar players! Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Tony Iommi, and Kurt Cobain. All lefty legends!

T-Shirt 14 – Jimmy Slim Fit T-Shirt

Left handed guitar shirts - Jimmy Slim Fit

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Aside from the incorrect spelling of “Jimi”, which for some reason has been changed to “Jimmy” for this shirt (at least it’s not printed in BIG letters!), I really like the photo from which this print is taken.

Jimi Hendrix had an unforgettable stage presence and he oozed charisma in his performances. This shirt perfectly captures the spirit of his live performances.

T-Shirt 15 – Jimi Hendrix – Ink

Left handed guitar shirts - Jimi Hendrix - Ink

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Here we have the very recognizable, classic head shot of Jimi. What more is there to say? He’s the most iconic guitar player of all time!

T-Shirt 16 – Jimi Hendrix – Pop Art

Left handed guitar shirts - Jimi Hendrix - Pop Art

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Yet another Jimi Hendrix t-shirt!

Are you into Jimi Hendrix? Are you into Pop Art? Then why not get this t-shirt? It’s got a calm, cool looking Jimi nonchalantly looking at you on the front. What more could you want?

T-Shirt 17 – Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo

Left handed guitar shirts - Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo

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One last shirt featuring Jimi Hendrix (I think four is enough for now).

Do you like to stand up next to a mountain? And then chop it down with the ledge of your hand? Are you a Voodoo Chile? Then you might like this Jimi Hendrix t-shirt – “Voodoo”.

Basically, just another cool image of him playing the guitar; it’s as simple as that. The color scheme on this one is pretty nice too.

T-Shirt 18 – Kurt Cobain – Whatever

Left handed guitar shirts - Kurt Cobain - Whatever

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These shirts that feature a particular person tend to be just a simple design and this one is no different. It’s just a photo of the grunge icon Kurt Cobain and a caption. Not much to it, but still pretty cool.

Oh well, whatever, nevermind…

T-Shirt 19 – Kurt Cobain – Art

Left handed guitar shirts - Kurt Cobain - Art

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Similar to the Jimi Hendrix Pop Art t-shirt, but with Kurt Cobain’s face instead. Get it if you like it!

T-Shirt 20 – Albert King T-Shirt 1

Left handed guitar shirts - Albert King Tour Album Concert T-Shirt 1

Buy this shirt NOW!

This shirt features a caricature of the left handed Blues legend Albert King; one of the Three Kings, and at one time claiming to be B.B.King’s half brother!

Show your appreciation for this Blues icon!

T-Shirt 21 – Albert King T-Shirt 2

Left handed guitar shirts - Albert King Tour Album Concert T-Shirt 2

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Born Under A Bad Sign and Crosscut Saw… Arguably Albert King’s most popular songs. You could do worse than to show some love for these Blues classics.

And what better way of doing this than to slap them across a big face pic of the man himself?! You know it!

T-Shirt 22 – Albert King – Blues Power

Left handed guitar shirts - Albert King - Blues Power

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This third and final Albert King t-shirt, and the last t-shirt in this list, has a print of Albert King during one of his live performances. Singing with passion and giving his soul to his music, the Blues; this shirt really captures the moment. King is singing his heart out with his customary right handed, upside down Gibson Flying V in hand.

True Blues Power!

Final Thoughts

Wow! It’s taken me a while to find and choose which shirts to include in this list, but here you have my choice for some awesome looking left handed guitar shirts. I hope you like them!

I’ll update this page as and when I find new designs that I like look of and think you might like too.

Which of these designs are your favorites? Did you find any other shirt designs for left handed guitar players? Let me know in the comments below!

22 Awesome Left Handed Guitar Shirts – Wear Them With Pride!

6 thoughts on “22 Awesome Left Handed Guitar Shirts – Wear Them With Pride!

  1. Hello there! Thanks a lot for this article. Left handed guitarist are not really so common all round the world and I’m proud to be one of them. Actually, I’ve been looking for something that I can get to show to the world that I’m really proud of it and you just came up with this, aren’t you a genius? Thanks a lot

    1. Thanks for your comment Philebur. I’m glad I can help with this post! Go ahead, show the world you’re a lefty guitarist! 

  2. These left-handed Guitar T-shirts are really awesome. They are actually my brand and taste. The Jimi Hendrix – Pop Art could not stay away from my attention and moreover I am a fan of his music. Its front design is really captivating and can make you noticed by many. I am also amazed by their low prices but not promising to make a purchase now. However, the future will be brighter and permit me to keep your URL for more exploration and of course a future purchase.


    1. Hi Akon,

      Thanks so much for your comments. I do think these are awesome as well! If you are a fan of Jimi Hendrix, then what better way to show your love of his music than to wear a shirt like that one.

      If you like that particular t-shirt, I’m sure it’ll still be available if you do decide to buy one in the future! 

  3. There’s a point I’ve never considered, that lefty guitarists are not very well represented in visual art, including t-shirts. The ones you have chosen to highlight are way cool. Some I like more than others, but probably all appeal to someone. The Hendrix shirts are great, and as a panda fan, I gotta like that one too. 

    Thanks for the article and research. 

    1. Thanks for your comment, Darrin.

      Yes, the artwork on some of these t-shirts are fantastic, and it’s great that we lefty guitarists get some shirts that represent us. Unfortunately due to the number of us left-handed folk, we’re not so well represented in the choice we have of many things that depend on which hand we use!

      That’s partly why I want to share all that guitar related stuff for lefties here on this blog!

      Thanks for reading!

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