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Merch Alert! 5 New LeftyGuitarist Tees Now On Sale!

by Chris

September 10, 2023


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Last Updated on September 22, 2023 by Chris

Hey Lefty Guitarists!

Here’s some exciting news that’ll make you want to strum a celebratory power chord! Charrraaaanngg!!!!

Starting today, you can rock your lefty pride even when you’re not holding a guitar. How? I’m thrilled to announce LeftyGuitaristTees.com! Check out the LeftyGuitarist Tees page here on the blog, or visit the store website.

Why T-Shirts?

Well, aside from the obvious comfort and casual style a T-shirt offers, I wanted to create something that resonates with you lefties out there. Now you can wear your lefty love on your sleeve – quite literally!

The Deets

To kick things off, I’ve launched five designs that aim to encapsulate the left handed guitarist spirit. And because one size (or color) doesn’t fit all, the two LeftyGuitarist Logo designs are available in five colors: Black, White, Maroon, Light Blue, and Military Green.

The second “Rocker” design is available in two colors: Black and Navy Blue, and the third “Lefty Blonde Guitarist” design is available in four colors: Red, Orange, Gold, and Natural.

Finally there’s the “Badass Bass” tee available in black.

That’s right, there’s something for every mood and every stage!

What’s Next?

These five designs are just the beginning. I’m gonna be looking at more designs and can’t wait to expand LeftyGuitarist.com’s merch range. So stay tuned, because more swag is on the way!

Get Your LeftyGuitarist Tees Now

Ready to wear your LeftyGuitarist T-shirt at your next jam session or simply while lounging at home? Head over to this page or go to LeftyGuitaristTees.com and grab yours now. And remember, these shirts make excellent gifts for the left-handed guitarist in your life!

Score yourself a sweet deal with an exclusive $5 off coupon! Use the code “FIRST10” at checkout and knock a fiver off your total. Whether you’re a seasoned lefty shredder or new to the game, it’s the perfect chance to grab some fresh LeftyGuitarist gear without breaking the bank. Hurry though, this offer is as limited as a vintage guitar – don’t miss out!

That’s it for now! As always, thanks for being part of the LeftyGuitarist community. Now, go ahead, pick your color, grab your size, and let’s make some noise – sartorially speaking!


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