Left Handed Manson Guitars - Body of an MA EVO SUSTAINIAC (Dry Satin Black)

Left Handed Manson Guitars 2021 – Awesome Modern Age Guitars!

by Chris

October 6, 2021


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Left Handed Manson Guitars

Let’s take a look at whether there are any left handed Manson guitars and basses available.

Go straight to the guitars.

My first introduction to Manson Guitar Works was relatively recently when I found out the kind of guitars Matt Bellamy played. At this point, I didn’t really look any further into them, though I did marvel at the kind of sounds that Bellamy was making with his band Muse.

While I do like Muse’s music, it wasn’t until I became a fan of the British band Skindred, sometime around 2010, that I took more notice of the brand. Skindred’s guitarist, Mikey Demus is in fact left handed! And his Manson guitar is a very distinctive ‘Atomic Tangerine’ color.

Ever since then I’ve been interested in Manson Guitar Works, and put the Mikey Demus orange MD-2 guitar on my shopping list!

Other well-known players of Manson guitars and basses include Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Joe Hottinger (Halestorm), Graham Coxon (Blur), and Simon Neil (Biffy Clyro).

Who Are Manson Guitar Works?

Manson Guitar Works evolved from a small workshop started by skilled English luthier Andy Manson, who made and repaired acoustic instruments back in the late 1960s.

Due to the growing interest in electric guitars in the ’70s, Andy soon partnered up with his younger brother Hugh, who specialized in building them. They focused on making one-off custom guitars for their clients, and then later branching out to produce “production custom” guitars, which allowed customers to choose and customize their guitars from a varying set of options.

The company made a name for itself for its high quality and craftmanship.

The eighties was a busy time for the company, having had a full order book, and a large number of artists wanting Manson instruments, including John Paul Jones, Jeff Beck, and Jack Bruce.

By the mid-’80s, the brothers moved their workshop from Sussex to Devon, with Hugh working solely on electric guitars and basses, and Andy specializing in acoustic instruments, each working independently in separate workshops.

In the early nineties, recently qualified lawyer and bass player Adrian Ashton decided to quit his job and partner up with Hugh and colleague Jay Henson, resulting in Manson’s Guitar Shop opening in 1992, which is still trading today.

The Manson workshop was also expanded at this time, recruiting two new staff to the team; Tim Stark and Rom Dobbs.

Manson’s Guitar Shop and Manson Guitar Works separated into two businesses in the 2000s, and so Manson Guitar Works Ltd was born. It was during this time that the Manson “DeLorean” custom model was made for singer/guitarist Matt Bellamy, which marked the beginning of an important partner ship with the Muse frontman.

During the 2010s, Manson Guitar Works introduced the MA EVO, which catered for players who wanted modern technology in their guitars, from MIDI screens to sustainiac pickups to Z-Vex Fuzz Factory installs! Of course, Manson also made the MA Classic as well to cater to the traditional player.

A move to larger premises saw an increase in production, and the facilities for CNC process, in-house finish spraying, and pickup manufacturing, along with the traditional hand-crafted processes, enabling a “Made in the UK” status for all of their guitars built on-site.

By 2019, after many collaborations with Manson Guitar Works, Matt Bellamy purchased the majority share of the company from Hugh Manson (now a consultant to the company), allowing for a new collaboration between Matt and Adrian.

Matt Bellamy and Adrian Ashton
Matt Bellamy and Adrian Ashton

What Do I Think of Manson Guitars?

I really like Manson guitars; they’re often packed with lots of innovative tech, that most other guitars don’t have, giving you a wide variety of sonic options.

Take the MA EVO MIDI, for example, which features a MIDI screen from which you can control your MIDI effects directly from your guitar, letting you make it sound like almost anything! This isn’t for everyone, of course, but it certainly shows what a forward-thinking guitar company this is. It’s just unfortunate it’s not available in lefty configuration.

At the time of writing, Manson only offers one electric guitar shape/style, and one bass guitar shape, and there’s not a whole lot of choice in terms of colors and finishes, but I do think they look really cool, and the features they offer definitely sets this guitar company apart from the others.

Different Types of Manson Guitars

  • Meta Series
  • M-Series
  • Signature Series
  • Bass Series
  • Limited Edition

Manson Guitar Works also has a deal with Korean guitar company Cort, to produce more affordable versions of some of their guitars, most notably the award-winning Matthew Bellamy Signature model.

Left Handed Manson Electric Guitars

At the time of writing there is just one left handed Manson electric guitar.

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MA EVO Sustainiac Left Handed

Left Handed Manson Electric Guitars - MA EVO Sustainiac (Dry Satin Black)

£1,869.00 MSRP, Made in England

A very versatile guitar!

Fitted with a Sustainiac Stealth Pro pickup, this guitar can sustain for days! Let your notes ring out for as long as its battery lasts!

Also featuring a kill switch, custom CTS potentiometers, custom aluminum hardware, and a Gotoh bridge.

  • STRINGS: 6
  • BODY: Alder
  • SCALE: 25.5″ (648mm)
  • NECK: Bolt-On Hard American Maple
  • FINGERBOARD: Ebony with Side Dot inlays
  • FRETS: 22
  • NUT TYPE: Graphite
  • NUT WIDTH: 1.65″ (42 mm)
  • BRIDGE: Gotoh GE103B-T with Gotoh GE101A tailpiece
  • NECK PICKUP: Sustainiac Stealth PRO
  • BRIDGE PICKUP: PF-1 Bridge Pickup with Chrome Cover Manson Etch
  • CONTROLS: Kill Switch, 1x Volume, 1x Tone, 3-Way Selector Switch, Sustainiac Off/On Switch, Sustainiac Harmonic Mode Switch (Harmonic/Mix/Fundamental)
  • FINISH: Dry Satin Black

Check price/availability at:

Left Handed Manson Acoustic Guitars

There are no left handed Manson acoustic guitars available, as Manson Guitar Works don’t currently make them. Andy Manson has his own separate company that makes acoustic instruments, however.

Left Handed Manson Bass Guitars

The company does make basses, but unfortunately, at the time of writing, there are no left handed Manson bass guitars being made.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it; the currently available left handed Manson guitars.

I think it’s a shame that Manson only offers one electric guitar in one choice of color/finish at the time of writing. In 2020, they also had Mikey Demus’ orange MD-1 and MD-2. Also, they offered the MA EVO Sustainiac in a rather fetching sparkly Red Santa finish.

Even though they don’t make many left handed Manson guitars, I do think they look and sound really great. Even without the modern bells and whistles, they’re also great electric guitars. They don’t come cheap though.

If you don’t have a couple thousand dollars to spare, there are also some Manson designed guitars made by Cort.

What are your thoughts on Manson guitars? Let us know below!

Photo credit: mansonguitarworks.com

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