Left Handed EART Guitars 2024 – Amazing Necks for Less

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February 11, 2024


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Does EART Make Left Handed Guitars?

Yes! At the time of writing, there are two left handed EART guitars available.

Check out the guitars here, or read on for more info.

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Who Are EART Guitars?

The EART booth at 2023 Music China, Shanghai, China

You may not know the name EART just yet, as they’re a relatively new guitar company, but with over 20 years in the business, EART Guitars knows their stuff in the electric, acoustic, and bass guitar production.

EART Guitars is a Chinese guitar company, and they’re all about quality craftsmanship; picking top-notch woods and electronics.

And the cool part? They make these high-quality guitars super affordable. Even beginners can get guitars with pro-level features usually seen on pricier models, like roasted maple necks and hand-finished frets. Plus, they’re not afraid to mix it up with unique visually striking woods, giving their guitars a fresh look and sound.

Zhao Weiguo, who kicked off his career as a teacher in ’84, later founded the EART Musical Instrument Factory in 2003.

Zhao Weiguo, founder of EART Guitars, sitting on a chair

He’s an influential name in China’s electric guitar sector, launching initiatives like the National Electric Guitar Industry-University-Research Summit Forum since 2009 and the EART Cup National Electric Guitar Competition in partnership with Guitar China from 2011.

Zhao’s also a key player in major Chinese guitar organizations, taking on leadership roles in the Electric Guitar Technical Research Association and national standard-setting committees.

Here’s a short tour of the EART Guitars factory (with some very dramatic music!):

Pros and Cons of Buying an EART Guitar

EART guitars are mainly sold through their website; they have warehouses in the USA, Canada, EU, and UK. However, some models are also available through other online guitar stores.

They’re designed and manufactured in China.

Here’s a list of pros and cons when thinking about buying an EART guitar.


  • Affordability: EART Guitars are priced very competitively, especially with the craftsmanship on offer, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.
  • Quality Craftmanship: EART guitars use materials such as roasted maple necks, stainless steel frets, and compound radius fingerboards, emphasizing good craftsmanship.
  • Global Accessibility: With warehouses in multiple countries, including the USA, Canada, EU, or UK, EART Guitars are readily available internationally.
  • Free Shipping: If shipping from US, Canada, EU, or UK warehouses, shipping is free to addresses in the same country as the warehouse you’re ordering from.
  • Customs Duties or Taxes: If you live in the US, Canada, EU, or UK, you may be able to buy from your corresponding EART warehouse and not be charged tax or import duties. At the time of writing, however, EART’s lefty models are only available from the China warehouse.
  • Great for Upgrading: Being affordable guitars with some high-quality craftsmanship, these are a great base on which to fit upgrades and custom parts.
  • Amazing Necks: Most reviews and customers say how good the necks are on these guitars. General opinion says they feel awesome and have been finished to a high standard.


  • Brand Recognition: EART is a relatively new and less established brand, compared to other companies that sell guitars in a similar price range like Squier, Ibanez, or Jackson, which might concern some buyers.
  • Resale Value: Due to the brand being less known, the resale value of these guitars might be lower compared to more established brands.
  • Limited Reviews: Being a newer brand, there are fewer reviews of EART guitars for potential buyers to refer to.
  • Customs Duties or Taxes: If buying from EART’s Chinese warehouse, you will be liable for any import taxes, and therefore pay more than the listed guitar price. Please check what taxes your country charges you to import guitars.
  • Try Before You Buy: As EART sells their guitars online, and not many physical stores carry them, you may be unable to try before buying.
  • String Changing Difficulties: Some customers have expressed difficulty changing the strings on headless EART guitars, but praising them overall.

A Note about Customs Duties and Tax

As detailed above, depending on where you are ordering from and to, you may be responsible for customs duties and tax.

Please check out this quote from EART’s website:

“Our shipping fees do not include customs duties or taxes, as these vary depending on the customs policies of different countries.

Please be aware that if a customer refuses delivery due to customs duties or taxes, we will not accept any requests for order cancellations or refunds. We strongly encourage our customers to communicate with us effectively to address any concerns related to customs charges instead of refusing delivery.

Thanks for your understanding.”

Left Handed EART Guitars

Eart Guitars E-1 Left Hand HSS

Left Handed Eart Guitars - An E-1 Left Hand HSS in Gloss Poly Blue finish

$399.00 MSRP, Made in China

The Eart E-1 guitar boasts premium features, including a roasted maple neck and roasted mahogany body, offering stability and enhanced resonance.

The neck features a bone nut, which contributes to sustain and tuning stability, while the hand-polished stainless steel frets ensure durability and a comfortably smooth playing surface. The unique compound U to C shape neck profile and compound radius fingerboard provide excellent playability.

On the downside, the E-1 is only available in Gloss Poly Blue, limiting color options for those seeking variety. Despite this drawback, the Eart E-1 stands out for its quality construction, custom pickups, and tremolo system, making it a solid choice for players looking for a versatile and well-crafted instrument.


  • STRINGS: 6
  • SCALE: 25.5″ (648mm)
  • BODY: Bookmatch Roasted Mahogany
  • BODY FINISH: Gloss Poly Blue
  • NECK: Bolt-on Roasted maple
  • NECK FINISH: Satin natural
  • NECK PROFILE: Compound U to C shape
  • FINGERBOARD: Roasted maple with dot inlays
  • FINGERBOARD RADIUS: 9.5″-14″ Compound Radius
  • NUT WIDTH: 42 mm (1.65″)
  • NUT TYPE: Bone
  • FRETS: 22 Medium Jumbo Stainless Steel
  • TUNERS: 1:21 Die-Cast made in Korea
  • BRIDGE: Eart custom 6-Point Synchronized Tremolo made in Korea
  • HARDWARE: Chrome
  • BRIDGE PICKUP: Eart Custom Humbucker
  • MIDDLE PICKUP: Eart Custom Single-Coil
  • NECK PICKUP: Eart Custom Single-Coil
  • CONTROLS: Tone, Volume, 5-way switch

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Eart Guitars GW2L Left Handed

Left Handed Eart Guitars - A GW2L Left Handed in Black Satin Open Pore finish
Left Handed Eart Guitars - A GW2L Left Handed in Purple Satin Open Pore finish
Left Handed Eart Guitars - A GW2L Left Handed in Blue Satin Open Pore finish

$699.00 MSRP, Made in China

The EART GW2L guitar showcases exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Its unique EART GW2L standard body shape is crafted from a striking combination of roasted padauk and poplar burl, highlighting the guitar’s aesthetic appeal. Premium materials include a 5-piece roasted maple/padauk neck and an India rosewood fingerboard with a comfortable 9.5″-14″ compound radius.

The guitar’s versatile neck profile features a compound U to C shape, complemented by 24 medium jumbo stainless steel frets for accuracy and longevity. With a bone nut and zero fret, the instrument ensures optimal playability. The EART Custom Classic 57 Alnico-V pickups deliver a powerful sound, offering a broad range of tonal possibilities.

In terms of hardware, the GW2L incorporates innovative features like the EART Custom Headless Bridge Tuning System and the EART Custom Double Locking Fixed Headless System Bridge in a sleek black color.

The guitar is available in three satin open pore finishes: Black, Blue, and Purple. The combination of exceptional craftsmanship, premium materials, and innovative hardware makes the EART GW2L a compelling choice for players seeking versatility and quality in a guitar.

At the time of writing, these are just $399 on Amazon!


  • STRINGS: 6
  • SCALE: 25.5″ (647.7 mm)
  • BODY: Roasted Padauk + Poplar Burl
  • BODY FINISH: Satin Open Pore, Black/Blue/Purple
  • NECK: Bolt-on 5-Piece Roasted Maple/Padauk
  • NECK FINISH: Satin Roasted Natural
  • NECK PROFILE: Compound U to C shape
  • FINGERBOARD: India Rosewood with dot inlays
  • FINGERBOARD RADIUS: 9.5″-14″ Compound Radius
  • NUT WIDTH: 1.650″ (42 mm)
  • NUT TYPE: Bone
  • FRETS: 24 Medium Jumbo Stainless Steel, plus Zero Fret
  • TUNERS: Eart Custom Headless Bridge Tuning System
  • BRIDGE: Eart Custom Double Locking Fixed Headless System Bridge
  • HARDWARE: Black
  • BRIDGE PICKUP: Eart Custom Classic 57 Alnico-V
  • NECK PICKUP: Eart Custom Classic 57 Alnico-V
  • CONTROLS: Tone, Volume, 3-Way Switch

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Check price/availability at:

Final Thoughts

It’s refreshing to see newer guitar companies like EART acknowledging the needs of left-handed players, although they currently have only two left-handed models out of their extensive range of over 40 guitars.

More variety for lefties would definitely be a welcome change. Thankfully, EART doesn’t skimp on quality for their left-handed guitars, offering top features like roasted wood and hand-finished stainless steel frets in these models too.

What are your thoughts on EART Guitars? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credits: eartguitar.com

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