Lefty Gibson

Left Handed Gibson Acoustic Guitars 2021 – A Huge Choice!

While writing about Gibson’s electric guitars, I was initially going to include left handed Gibson acoustic guitars as well. However, when looking at what lefty Gibson acoustics were available, there were so many that I thought it’d be much better to give them a post of their own. I thought Gibson was generous when it […]

Left Handed Gibson Guitars 2021 – The Famous Rock Classic

After reviewing the lefty Gibson Les Paul Studio, I thought I should have a look at the company that makes them and what left handed Gibson guitars are available. Gibson guitars are one of the most iconic and famous guitar brands out there. Steeped in rock history, Gibson is a guitar brand that so many […]

Left Handed Gibson Les Paul Studio Review – Is It As Good As the Standard Model?

Left Handed Gibson Les Paul Studio Review Gibson guitars have long been one of the big names in guitar manufacture, and in rock music history. The Les Paul model has become one of the most iconic guitars ever, with legendary guitarists such as Jimmy Page, Slash, and Randy Rhoads all playing them for much of […]

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